REALTIME effects of natural selection by pests and pathogens on host tree genome

Funded by French ANR 
January, 1 2008 - September, 30 2012

Participants: UMR1202 BIOGECO (INRA - Univ. Bordeaux, Cestas), UR419 Espèces fruitières (INRA, Villenave d'Ornon), UE0570 (INRA, Cestas), CNG, CEA-IG, Evry

Executive summary

Understanding the relationship between disease, genetic variation and evolution in plants has great importance for both basic and applied sciences. Recent advances in genomics now make it possible to study the adaptive evolution of complex traits, such as disease resistance, from nucleotide sequences to real-world environments. Here, we focused on a major tree species, the European oak Quercus robur with the objective to identify real-time disease-driven changes on the genetic structure of an oak population.

The study was based on a field selection experiment with an oak population exposed to three contrasted levels of powdery mildew. Survival, growth and infection of all individual seedlings (approximately 1500 at the initiation of the study) were monitored during three years. All individuals were genotyped soon after emergence at 828 loci: 9 micro-satellite loci and 819 SNP in 434 candidate resistance genes identified by sequence homology with annotated genes in model species.

Powdery mildew strongly modified growth patterns in oak seedlings, resulting in height growth losses but also changes in the general plant architecture. High heritability values were obtained for variables related to oak receptivity and susceptibility to powdery mildew but not for tolerance to infection. Polymorphisms in 32 different genes were significantly associated with variation in several components of disease resistance. Two SNP co-localized with QTLs for disease. The significance of these genes will be further investigated by studying the evolution of their allelic frequencies during the experiment. Since low mortality rates were observed in the experiment so far even at high disease pressure, relative height will be used as a proxy for fitness in the analyses of disease-driven selection on the genetic structure of the population using the 828 loci.

QTL detection for disease resistance was also performed in Castanea in two inter-specific pedigrees. Micro-satellite markers transferred from Quercus were used to construct the genetic map in order to test if conserved genomic regions in Fagaceae are involved in disease resistance.

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